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Journey to Connection DVD - Video Preview Clips

Below you will find 12 horse training video clips that together make up the entire footage from my Journey to Connection DVD. You can purchase the DVD quality video the horse training video section of my online store.

Click the images and text links below to view the video clips.

#1 - Horse Training Video: Introduction
Click to view the first part of Jay's horse training video

Play Video: [0.49 - 01.22]

#2 - In the Round Pen

Click to watch as Jay begins training the horse in the round pen

Play video: [01.22 - 05.57]

#3 - Understanding a Horse
Click to watch maintains his leadership and increasingly becomes the focus of the horse's attention

Play Video: [05.57 - 13.26]

#4 - Introducing the Lariat
Click to watch how the horse trainer desensitizes the horse to the lariat

Play Video: [13.26 - 23.33]

#5 - The Connection
Click to view the introduction to part 2 of Jay's horse training video

Play Video: [23.33 - 25.07]

#6 - Halter Work
Click to view Jay as he continues to develop trust and confidence

Play Video: [25.07 - 31.55]

#7 - Respecting Your Personal Space
Click to watch how to train a horse to respect your personal space

Play Video: [31.55 - 39.41]

#8 - How to Saddle a Horse
Click to watch Jay introduce the saddle and pad to the horse

Play Video: [39.41 - 46.10]

#9 - Introducing Rope Work
Click to watch as Jay begins using the rope to work with the horse

Play Video: [46.10 - 49.47]

#10 - Fencework
Click to watch as the horse gets to see the trainer from a different angle

Play Video: [49.47 - 52.30]

#11- The First Ride
Click to watch as Jay gets on the horse and takes his first ride

Play Video: [52.30 - 57.39]

#12 - Video: Conclusion
Click to view the conclusion to the training video

Play Video: [57.39 - END]

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