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Jay at Equine Shows and Western Events

Mane Event - Horse Trainer's Challenge 2008

Check out Jay's audio PodCast for Equinely-Inclined critiquing the three competing trainers at the 2008 Mane Event Trainers Challenge in Red Deer. Jay is candid and informative discussing each trainer's technique and approach as they work with their young horses, trying to build on successful training outcomes and create a 'made' horse by the end of three days. Three trainers, three horses, three judges and our own secret insider, Jay O'Jay!

To Listen to the episodes as the drama unfolded go to: The Equine Podcast and Clinician interviews

Mane Event - Horse Trainer's Challenge 2007

Jay teaches colt-starting at the Mane EventAs a natural horseman and gifted entertainer, Jay has made many appearances at various equine shows and western events. His performances at the Horse Trainer's Challenges that are headline features of the Mane Event were both very well received. Most recently Jay was invited to one of North America's major Country Music events - The Big Valley Jamboree where he conducted colt-starting clinics as part of that festival's western-themed events.

Click for short streaming mpeg from the Horse Trainer's ChallengeWatch a edited highlights of Jay's performance at the 2007 Trainer's Challenge taken from the Mane Event - Trainer's Challenge DVD. You can also view 30 minutes of entertaining and educational action showing Jay in the final day of the challenge.

Big Valley Jambouree - Western Festival

Click for review of colt-starting at western festival

Watch Jay at the Big Valley Jambouree, Western Festival in 2007 Horse training video footage featuring colt starting